New Arrival November 25, 1924

Very early Tuesday morning Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ashton of Laporte started for the Walker hospital by car. They had a happy idea that if Mrs. Ashton would go to the hospital that day, the stork might in due time visit her. It fi nally developed that the stork was on his way and caught up with the Ashton car near Benedict. It was a better cold morning and the stork’s strong beak could not hold the little bundle any longer and so from necessity he had to break all precedents and drop the bundle right in the car. Mr. and Mrs. Ashton became terribly worried about that package the stork left with them for the weather just seemed to turn forty degrees colder in a jiffy so Mr. Ashton stepped on the gas terribly hard and they arrived at the hospital at breakneck speed and none too soon, as the mite of humanity left by the stork was gasping for breath and almost chilled to death. Prompt action by the effi cient nurses at the hospital saved the little son and preserved the health of the mother. Leon Ashton, Jr.